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Welcome to Wear It Bare

If you've tried waxing or traditional body sugaring and were not happy with the results, you have to try SugarBrig!!

Wear It Bare is proud to offer a comfortable alternative to painful waxing and sugaring in St Catharines, Ontario!

Wear It Bare is a private and calming SugarBrig Hair Removal Spa. We use professional SugarBrig products only, never any waxing products or "homemade" sugaring paste.

At Wear It Bare, we take pride in our level of professionalism and cleanliness. We thoroughly pass voluntary yearly inspection, through Niagara Region Public Health, and encourage all to research any spa you plan to visit.

What is SugarBrig?

SugarBrig is a signature technique that allows for a smooth removal of hair without the heat, rip, and breakage caused by waxing and honey sugaring. SugarBrig Paste is applied cool to the body with the tips of the fingers - slowly- allowing the paste to glide on naturally. The paste is applied by following the pattern of hair growth and removing hair in a manner that will be the most comfortable to the client. SugarBrig is by far the most comfortable process of hair removal.

The Art of Brigitte's Technique is practiced only by Certified SugarBrig Practitioners.

"The atmosphere at Wear it Bare is very cozy and private, and Nancy makes me feel very comfortable and relaxed. I am very happy to have found someone who does this from their home and offers wonderful products and services! "

Julie Cumming, St. Catharines

"As a licensed sugarist , I am picky about who I get to remove the hair in areas I am not able to reach myself, as I know how I like to do things. I started with Nancy SugarBriging my underarms and now she is my "go to" for other areas as well. I am a tricky person to deal with as I have sensitive skin but Nancy does a great job and I have absolute confidence in her."

Amy, St. Catharines

"I have been enduring the pain of waxing for the past 8 years, but no more!! SugarBrig is now my choice for hair removal. The results last longer and are far less painful than waxing ever was. After coming to see Nancy, my legs stayed hair-free for three weeks!! I never had that kind of result with waxing. Thank goodness for SugarBrig!!"

Nadia Payne, St. Catharines

"My first experience with SugarBrig, and Wear It Bare, I was very impressed with both the service and atmosphere. My experience was a pleasant one, and I felt very comfortable. Wear It Bare was extremely clean and the service was professional. Looking forward to returning! Thank you Nancy"

T. McCraw. St. Catharines

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