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What are the differences between SugarBrig, Honey Sugaring, and Waxing?


-Applied hot to the skin (causing pain and swelling that can last for days)

-Are resin-based (chemicals), therefore wax residue is removed using heavy oil-based products, leaving you greasy and sticky

-Removed against hair-growth (causing breakage and pain)

-Skin can only tolerate 1 or 2 passes to remove hair (leaving you to tweeze leftovers)

Honey Sugaring:

-Only 2 levels of hardness; Regular and Tropical

-Heater is used to keep the Honey Sugar warm

-Applied soft but cools and hardens quickly, causing pain

-Applied thick and quickly, with the balls of the fingers, causing the hair to be pulled when sculpting


-4 different levels of hardness (allows for more control)

-100% natural (you can eat it!)

-Easy to clean up with water

-Removed with the hair growth

-Can go over and over areas to remove even stubborn hair

-Is applied cool (no pain or swelling)

-Applied to the body -slowly- with the tips of the fingers to allow SugarBrig paste to glide on naturally

-Can remove hair as short as 1/16th of an inch

-SugarBrig gently exfoliates as it removes only dead skin cells, whereas waxing can remove live skin cells

-SugarBrig Paste will not breed bacteria. There is never "double dipping" with SugarBrig

Experience the SugarBrig difference!!

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